West Lunga is in the west of Zambia and was made a park in the 1940s to protect the yellow-backed duiker.  There used to be the Angolan sable there too but it is unlikely that there are any left now.

A Trust was formed to help preserve the park but without any outside help, it is still languishing.

Reports from there say that canoeing along the Kabompo and West Lunga Rivers is a big attraction.  There are no facilities.

From the West Lunga Trust:

The combined effort by the West Lunga Trust, Zambia Wildlife Authority and the CRB´s in policing the district are beginning to bear fruit. Herds of sable, puku, buffalo and elephant are being sighted as they are re-establishing themselves in the depleted areas. With continued efforts, the West Lunga National Park will once again be on a par with the best in Africa.

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