Camping is available in Lupande Game Management Area:

Track & Trail Camp

Thornicroft Lodge

Wildlife Camp

Zikomo Safari Lodge

Croc Valley Camp has self-catering


Getting There

It is 560 km from Lusaka to Chipata and then another 120 km to South Luangwa National Park.  It is a long drive so it may be necessary to stop along the way.  It is not advisable to drive in the dark.

The most popular campsites in Lusaka:

Eureka Campsite on the Kafue Road south of Lusaka.   15° 30.22’S, 28° 15.80’E

Pioneer Camp on the Great East Road.  16 km along the Great East Road there is a Police checkpoint and, immediately after, there is a turning to the right.  Take this dirt road for 3.4 km, finding the sign for Pioneer Camp:   15° 23.76’S, 28° 27.06’E

Along the route:

Bridge Camp is 230 km from Lusaka.  Camping, chalets and restaurant.  Coming from Lusaka, just before the Luangwa Bridge, take a road south for 3 km.  15° 0.38’S, 30° 12.90’E


Community project Tiko Centre.  They have rooms, restaurant and camping.  It is on the main road into town from Lusaka.  14° 3.89’S, 32° 1.37’E


Mamarula Campsite.  Camping, rooms and restaurant.   Take the Lundazi road for 6 km, then follow the signs.

13° 34.97’S, 32° 36.61’E