September started off still a bit cool in the mornings but, by the end of the month, it was very warm with temperatures reaching well into the 30s.  No more need of the jumper.

The Victoria Falls are getting lower with most of the water now going over the Zimbabwe side.

The whitewater rafting down the gorges is going strong.  Lots of fun had by all.

The parks are dry, the grass has fallen over or been burned; many trees have lost their leaves, so viewing of wildlife is excellent – no place to hide!

The pools in the parks too are drying up so the animals have to visit the remaining ones in order to get a drink.

The Winter Thorns (Faidherbia albida) are dropping their seeds for the animals to enjoy.  Elephants will carry out enormous stretching techniques in order to reach them.  They will also walk all around the camps which are sited under Winter thorns.

And, the carmine bee-eaters have arrived to nest in the river banks.

We still have one dribble coming over the lip of the Falls on the Zambian side.  Won’t be long and even that will leave us …

What the tour operators have to say around the regions …


Victoria Falls Waterfront

Accommodation and Adventure Village Tents are still available for the Zambezi Whitewater Festival 2017! Get your team together and get involved!

Kayube Estates

Photograph taken by Munene from Kayube Estates, Roof of the Mama out of Africa – The crocodile plunge pool and on the far left two of the bungalows. All right on the Zambezi with the Zambezi National Park right across the river. Lots of game was seen along the national park on our sunset cruise yesterday

Game Rangers International

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr David Shepherd, a much loved father and grandfather, an incredible artist and a true conservation hero. David has left an extraordinary legacy, which will continue to resonate in the work that we do at Game Rangers International-GRI. He founded the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation-DSWF in 1984, and was instrumental in establishing GRI in 2008, serving as our Patron since that time. David has been a constant source of inspiration and support to us all. He was the epitome of determination and dedication – values which we will continue to uphold in our daily efforts to conserve Zambia’s wildlife. He will always be remembered as The Man Who Loved Giants. …

May his wonderful Soul Rest in eternal Peace.

Jeffery & McKeith Safaris

One of two new male lions in the Musekese area, mating with one of the resident females! Expect more cubs mid-December!

Hiding in plain sight! Imagine our surprise when we spotted a sitatunga in the lagoon in front of camp! This shy, semi-aquatic antelope is generally confined to the papyrus swamps and reeds typical of places like Busanga. A first for us!

Mukambi Safari Lodge

Three Lions killed a Lechwe early this morning just in front of Busanga Plains Camp

Kasabushi Camp

We have enjoyed a single pair of African Skimmers for the last few months while the Kafue River level is low. They are not part of a colony and we haven’t noticed any signs of off-spring yet although they prefer the high rocks in the middle of the river and not on the sandbanks. These near-threatened birds have enthralled us and many guests during boat trips around the islands near our camp.

Mayukuyuku Camp

A curious young puku.

Nanzhila Plains

Season end may be drawing near but game viewing seems to be at an all time high! “Thank you Cindy and Steve for 5 marvellous days and nights in your fantastic camp! Nanzhila Plains is one of the finest places in the Southern Kafue!” – Adrian Hirschi, Sep 2017.

The Mobile Safari Company

Kaingu Safari Lodge

Boating with Barbara. A mad keen and very good photographer who was attracted by our parrot pictures. We were planning December landscape trips and next year misty morning trips before she even left. We look forward to it!


Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro Camp

This little guy & his mum enjoying the mud in the backwash in front of the guest rooms at Old Mondoro – photos by Michele Addison

Can you see me? Fabulous photo by Michele at Old Mondoro – 5 males fighting over territory!   And then the following day … Checking to see if the coast is clear – feeling a little battered and bruised! Photo by Michele Addison

Royal Zambezi Lodge


: Mike Burrell

Kanyemba Lodge & Kanyemba Island Bush Camp

The carmines are back….in numbers!

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Take some time this weekend to have a stretch!

Baines’ River Camp

The wild magic of our corner of the Lower Zambezi.


Edward Selfe Photography

We have seen images from Savute of leopards leaping into the mud to pull catfish from the sticky channel, and we’ve seen footage of jaguars catching caimans in the backwaters of the South American rainforests. Now Luangwa’s leopards are vying for their own place in the lime-light….by taking on crocodiles!

Robin Pope Safaris

One can never be too careful.

Nsefu guests spotted this beautiful female leopard investigating a crocodile corpse on the Luangwa’s sandy shore. She was initially not 100% sure if the croc was indeed dead, scaring herself whilst in the process of investigating.

©Neil Andrews

Flatdogs Camp

Brotherly love, Ginger and Garlic style! Thanks to Maggie and Geoff for this gorgeous shot of these wonderful males.

Robin Pope Safaris

Can lions climb trees? The answer is YES! This lion decided to get a better view of the Luangwa and chill out in a tree.

Amazing picture taken by our Nkwali guests, John and Gill Powell.

Wildlife Camp

Hippos sorting out some family differences.

Picture : Jacholeen

Jackalberry Safaris

Baby Baboon playing Peekaboo… : @edward_selfe_photography

Marula Lodge

A daytime viewing of a “dead” honey badger, that had probably been bitten by a venomous snake and was comatose. A few hours later, when we popped back, he was slowly recovering and walked drunkenly away before falling into a hole! Fabulous sighting.

Chipembele Wildlife Trust

A Chipembele and Rotary Club partnership today resulted in 50 students receiving sturdy bicycles for their commute to Mfuwe Day Secondary School. The proud and thankful new bike owners live quite a distance from school, so their time walking will now be significantly reduced, freeing them up to spend more time to spend on their studies. A huge thanks to Jim of Boulder Valley, Colorado (USA) Rotary Club and members for this generous contribution! Our very own Eunice, Programme Support Officer, is also President of the local Mfuwe Rotary Club, as is Board of Trustees member Charles Zulu. We are so grateful for the opportunity imparted on these youth and look forward to seeing them peddling to and from school!

The Bushcamp Company

Great dog sightings down near our Bushcamps – photos of the pups to come soon!

photo by Dana Allen – PhotoSafari


Frankfurt Zoological Society

A group of elephants seen in a river at sunset. Photographed from a Husky plane in North Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

Buffalo Camp

Had probably the most exciting morning ever at Buffalo Camp on Wednesday! The pack of 12 wild dogs killed not one but three antelope in quick succession (Impala, Puku and then a Bushbuck.)


There are 6 Hyenas that are following the pack. They then rob them of the carcass but the Dogs just moved onto the next carcass!!!!


African Parks Foundation

As promised and requested by many an update on the lions in Liuwa.

Lady Liuwa’s passing was felt far and wide, not more so here on her home plains. Her passing disrupted her small pride and we are sad to announce that Sepo, the lioness who was introduced to Liuwa Plain in 2011 and with whom Lady Liuwa had formed an incredible bond, including helping to raise her two 11-month old cubs, has now also passed on due to natural causes. However, both Sepo’s male cubs are alive and well and being cared for by their older sisters, one of whom is also nursing a new born cub. The pride seems to have stabilized now and we look forward to bringing you news from this new generation, also surviving against the odds.

Norman Carr Safaris – Time + Tide

Will Burrard-Lucas Photography

One of the earliest protected areas in Africa, Liuwa Plain was proclaimed a game reserve in the early 1880’s by the king of the Lozi people, King Lewanika. Here, on this broad grass canvas, the annual floodwaters host a pageant of wild beauty that throbs to the beat of the royal drums.

The area is excellent for cheetah, hyena, the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa and displays of birdlife on a magnificent scale.


Kasanka Trust Zambia

They’re coming in their MILLIONS… Are you ready? A “TRULY SPECTACULAR” event not to be missed.


Ndole Bay Lodge

Thanks to the support from Ndole Bay Lodge towards conservation efforts in Nsumbu National Park, we have the first Elephants visiting Ndole Bay Lodge for at least 35 years! AMAZING!


Mutinondo Wilderness

Eighty-year old Sr Gabrielle and her colleague and friend Sr Rosemarie from the Dominican Convent Ndola climbed Mayense last month. Is this a record?

She writes: “Mayense has a special place in my memory. I still wake up often and think of Mutinondo…”