The northern circuit of Zambia is little travelled. The north is a self-drive destination so, when planning your trip, make sure you can reach your destination before dark. Travelling at night is not recommended in Zambia.

The area is known for some excellent parks, stunning waterfalls and rock art.

I have not been to these parks, so this information is from research

The road north is known as the Great North Road. Along it you will find turnings to Kasanka, Bangweulu, Lavushi Manda, Mutinondo, North Luangwa and Shiwa Ngandu. The Great North Road ends on the border with Tanzania at Nakonde. Turning north-east at Mpika, the road goes to Lake Tanganyika.

In April 2018, a bridge on the road between Kawambwa and Mbereshi was washed out.  Ask for local information if you wish to travel this road.

Livingstone Memorial

This is the place where David Livingstone died. He was travelling with his two companions, James Chuma and Abdullah Susi who were taking care of him. David Livingstone was getting very weak, troubled with malaria and dysentry. His explorations in this area were to find the source of the Nile which we know now is miles away, but at David Livingstone’s time, it was not known.
After David Livingstone’s death in 1873, Abdullah Susi and James Chuma preserved his body by removing his internal organs, then packing the body with salt and leaving it out in the sun to dry. David Livingstone’s heart was buried at this spot. After a 2-day long African funeral, Abdullah Susi and James Chuma wrapped the body in calico and bark then carried the body for more than 1,600 km to Bagamoyo on the coast of present-day Tanzania. The journey took them 9 months.

To reach Livingstone’s Memorial:
Along the road which goes to Kasanka, the turn-off to Chitambo village, where the memorial is sited, is 10 km north of the turning to Kasanka.

Photo from Kasanka Trust


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