Ndola is the commercial centre for The Copperbelt.  The mine in Ndola is the Bwana Mkubwa and is owned by First Quantum Minerals.   Other industries include the Indeni Oil Refinery, Lafarge Cement and Ndola Lime.

The roads to and from the town and the main roads within it are good tar.  The traffic in town is only hectic on the outskirts and the industrial areas.  Ndola does not have many road signs, so the map is only a small help in getting around.

I found it easier to walk around the main centre when looking for the museum which is on the corner of Buteko and  Maina Soko, near the Savoy Hotel.

There are four large hotels in the town, and many guesthouses in the residential areas.  I do not know of any camping facilities, so if you do want to camp, it is best to go to Nsobe, 60 km south of Ndola on the Lusaka Road.

The Copperbelt Museum is found on the corner of Buteko and Maina Soko.  It informs visitors of the minerals and mining in the region.  There is also a small section on witchcraft, children’s wire toys and some stuffed birds.

On the corner of Broadway and Arusha you will find the Mining Archives which also has a small museum with lots of paraphernalia from the old colonial days with photographs and stories of some of the characters of those days.

Historical Map

This map shows the main centre.  If you are looking for an old road name on the outskirts I do have a map showing more.  Send me an email and I can let you  have it.


Some Photographs

Levy Mwanawasa Stadium

Mining Archives