A huge variety of mid-market lodges/camps/hotels operate throughout Zambia.  These facilities do not claim to be luxury which means that they may not have all the frills of a luxury lodge.  Nonetheless, they offer excellent service at an affordable price.

Their prices will vary quite a bit depending upon their location and standard of service.  A lodge in the wilds of a park will have serious logistical challenges to bring food to your table, provide electricity or put water in your taps.  On the other hand, a lodge in a town will have easy access to most essentials.

We have tried to be as inclusive as possible and are always finding new lodges to add.  However, to include every lodge would be impracticable – the list would be too long.  If you feel that we have made a serious omission, please let us know.


Avani Resort.  Part of the International Minor Hotels Group.  A short walk from the Victoria Falls.

Bushbuck River House.  Along the river, 15 km from Livingstone.

Chrismar Hotel.  Just outside the park.

Chundukwa Lodge.  Along the river, 25 km from Livingstone.  Also offers horse riding.

Kayube Estate.  Along the river, 23 km from town.  Self-catering.

Maramba River Lodge.  In the park, along the Maramba River.

Munga EcoLodge.  Just outside of town towards the Victoria Falls.

Ngolide Lodge.  In town near the Customs Offices.

Protea Hotel.  In town.  Part of the Marriott Group of Hotels.

Victoria Falls Waterfront.  Within the park and along the river.  Part of the Explorer Club which offers whitewater rafting.

Waterberry Lodge.  Along the river, 30 km from Livingstone.



Kafue is an excellent self-drive destination, so I have shown a map to give the location of the lodges listed below.  It is best to pre-book accommodation but most lodges can communicate so it is possible to arrange bookings once there.

Kaingu Lodge. North of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi along the Kafue River in Mumbwa Game Management Area.

Konkamoya Lodge.  At the southern tip of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi.

Mapunga Camp.  North of The Hook.  Open May-November.

Mayukuyuku Camp.  Near The Hook, along the Kafue River.

Mufungata Lodge.  In Mumbwa Game Management Area, along the Kafue River

Mukambi Lodge.  Near The Hook in Mumbwa Game Management Area

Musungwa Lodge.  On Lake Itezhi-Tezhi just outside the town. 10 km from the park.

Nanzhila Plains Safari Lodge.  The only lodge in the southern section of the park.  Open June-November.

New Kalala.  On Lake Itezhi-Tezhi just outside the town. 10 km from the park.



All these lodges are within Chiawa Game Management Area and are open throughout the year.

These lodges do not require 4×4:

Gwabi Lodge.  Not far from Chirundu on the Kafue River.  Popular with families.

Kanyemba Lodge.  Wonderful garden retreat with its own island bush camp.

Kiambi Lodge.  A popular destination for weekends away.

Mount Heron Cottages.  Self-catering.

Nsofu.  For keen fishermen.

Zambezi Breezers.  Not far from Chirundu and popular for fishing.


Further into the Game Management Area, these lodges require 4×4:

Lower Zambezi Lodge.  Self-catering

Munyameshi Lodge.  Self-catering.

Mvuu Lodge.  A long-standing member of the Lower Zambezi community this lodge offers either self-catering or full board.


These lodges (except for Nkonzi) are in Lupande Game Management Area on the east of the river.  A short drive from them takes you to the park gates and a tour of the park.  Also, the Game Management Area has its own wildlife populations, so do not be surprised to find an elephant or giraffe by your chalet.  They all overlook the river with the constant comings and goings of the wildlife as they come down to drink and bathe.

Croc Valley.  Croc Valley specialises in large groups – conferences, team building, etc

Flatdogs Camp.  Not far from the main gate, Flatdogs, over the years, has built up a formidable reputation and has won The Safari Award in 2017 and 2018 for the Best Value Property.  They also work with Luambe Camp in Luambe National Park to offer combined safaris.

Marula Lodge.   A no-frills camp but with all the activities

Nkonzi Camp.  If you want to be totally in the wilds of the park, Nkonzi offers that.  Only open during the dry season from June-November, this is a family-run operation.

Thornicroft Lodge.  Affordable accommodation for groups or families.

Track & Trail.  Offers photographic workshops.

Wildlife Camp.  A popular destination for the adventurous.

Zikomo Safari Lodge.  Away from the main centre, Zikomo offers a more remote stay


Isanga Bay.  This lodge is actually north of Mpulungu away from the park.

Kasaba Bay Lodge is closed

Ndole Bay Lodge.  Just outside the park to the west, this lodge is very popular

Nkamba Bay Lodge.  The only lodge within the park and on the lake shores.