Livingstone Activities

Art Gallery

The Livingstone Art Gallery is along The Royal Mile (Sichango Road).  Local artists display their paintings and sculptures.

Bridge Tour

Take a walk along the underpath of the Victoria Falls bridge and find out about the story of its construction.  All ages.

Bungee Jumping

Jump from the Victoria Falls into the chasm below.  111 metres.  Age: 15+


Canoe along the Upper Zambezi.  Age: 12+

Crocodiles and Snakes

Visit the Crocodile Park to see these prehistoric animals up close.  All ages.

Elephant Cafe

Take a boat trip up the Zambezi to the elephant cafe to have lunch while the elephants keep you company.  Age: 10+


Go out on a boat on the Upper Zambezi to try your luck at catching a tigerfish.  All ages.

Game Drive

Take a drive through the Mosi-oa-Tunya Game Park.  All ages.

To find out more about the Game Park, I have given more information on a separate page.  Click here.

Game Walk

Walking trips are conducted through the park.  Age: 12+

Gorge Swing

Spend a few hours swinging over a gorge or abseiling.  Age: 7+

Helicopter Flight

Take a spin over the Victoria Falls in a helicopter.  All ages.

Horse Trails

Ride in the park on horseback. All ages.  Younger children ride around the Avani Resort.

Jet Boating

Jet boat at high speed through the gorges.  Age 7+

Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is within the Steam Museum along Chishimba Falls Road.  It tells the story of some of the many Jewish business people who came to Livingstone in the early 1900s.


Kayak the Zambezi in the gorge – for the experts only at certain times of year.

Livingstone Island

Boat over to Livingstone Island on the lip of the Victoria Falls.  Available May-November.  All ages.

Livingstone Museum

The Livingstone Museum is in the centre of town.  It contains lots of interesting artefacts including those from the stone and iron age; David Livingstone memorabilia; the story of Zambia and a Natural History section.  All ages.

Microlight Flight

Fly over the Victoria Falls in a microlight.  Age: 12+

Quad Biking

Fun for all the family, quad bike through the bush.  Age: 12+

Railway Museum

In the early 1900s a railway line was constructed to Mulobezi and to the forests around the town.  At the time steam trains were used to travel the route to bring the logs to the sawmill in Livingstone.  Some of the locos and carriages are displayed at the Railway Museum.  All Ages.

River Cruise

Large boats take morning or afternoon tours of the Upper Zambezi to enjoy the wildlife.  All ages.

River Safari

In a small boat, investigate the islands in the Upper Zambezi.  All ages.

Steam Train Excursion

The Royal Livingstone Express takes visitors on a ride along the tracks into the park or to the Victoria Falls bridge.  All ages.

Under the Spray

Take a rubber dinghy up the river to the base of the Victoria Falls. Available May-July.  Age: 12+.

Whitewater Rafting

Raft down the gorges on some of the world’s best rapids.  This activity is available when the river is safe to negotiate –  usually July-April.  Age: 15+