Kasanka National Park
Lodge Accommodation


Kasanka is open throughout the year.  There are two lodges – Wasa and Luwombwa.

Booking should be done through the Kasanka Park website:


Getting There

The route map shows the road from Lusaka to Kasanka. The road is good tar all the way to the turnoff to the park. From then on it is gravel.
A good place to have a pit-stop is in Mkushi. Forest Inn, just southwest of Mkushi is recommended.
The last fuel is in Serenje, so fill up there.

Arriving at Kasanka from other locations.

From Mutinondo: It is 25 km from the camp to the main road (Great North Road).  From there it is another 130 km to the turning towards Kasanka.  (To fill up with fuel, it may be necessary to go the 35 km to Serenje and return to the junction).  From the junction it is 55 km to the turning into the park.

From Kapishya:  It is 30 km to the main road, then 295 km to the junction from the Great East Road towards Kasanka.    Again, it may be necessary to travel the 35 km to Serenje to fill up with fuel and return.

From Bangweulu:  From the Nsobe Campsite, it is 115 km on a dirt road to the Mansa tar road.  This can only be used in the dry season between June and November.  Once on the tar road it is 10 km south for the turning into the park.


GPS Coordinates

Wasa Lodge    12° 33.31’S,  30° 17.71’E

Luwombwa   12° 30.14’S,  30° 7.89’E