The west of Kafue National Park was opened up a few years ago with the completion of the Spinal Road. The previous road had been partly drowned when Lake Itezhi-Tezhi had filled in 1972. This is an excellent area to explore along a good dirt road with many bridges or ‘drifts’. It is an all-weather road too.


Konkamoya is on the southern edge of the lake and has chalets and camping. Along the river between the lake and the Hook, there are two camps on the west of the river and two camps on the east. Mawimbi and Kasabushi are on the west, Kaingu and Mufungata to the east. In order to reach the camps on the east it is necessary to inform the camp beforehand and they will send a boat to collect you.

Obviously if you want to camp at Kaingu or Mufungata you will need to drive there. Access is from the Itezhi-Tezhi Road.  A map for access is shown on the Itezhi-Tezhi page.



From Lusaka any of the lodges in this area are easily managed in a day’s drive. After the Hook Bridge, continue for about 6 km and take the road south to Chunga Ranger Camp where you pay park fees before continuing further.

The distance between Itezhi-Tezhi and Hook Bridge along the Spinal Road is around 200 km and makes a special day’s drive.
The bottom section of the road along the lake shore between Konkamoya and the Musa River is a good place to see the wildlife as it comes down to drink. Puku, zebra, buffalo are often seen there.

When we visited the construction of the road was ongoing with trucks and people all over the place.  Wildlife viewing was therefore not great.  However, I see on the news that calm has returned and so has the wildlife.



Chunga: 15° 3.25’S, 26° 0.34’E

Kaingu: 15° 17.88’S, 25° 58.70’E

Mufungata: 15° 12.83’S, 25° 58.70’E

Kasabushi:  15° 15.55’S, 25° 58.34’E

Mawimbi:  15° 9.93’S, 25° 57.60’E

Konkamoya: 15° 52.11’S, 25° 52.87’E


Thank you to Kaingu Lodge for my stay


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