The southern section of Kafue includes the Nanzhila Floodplain.  During the rains (November – April) the plain is inaccessible because the Nanzhila River and its tributaries flood the whole area.  When the rains end, the floodplain gradually dries out making it accessible by June.

Around the edge of the plain to the south and west a road skirts the floodplain and is useable all year round.


The only accommodation in this area is Nanzhila Plains Safari Lodge with chalets and camping.  As it is in the middle of the floodplain, it is only open between June and November.

Getting There

This area of Kafue is easily accessible from Livingstone.  Take the road north to Kalomo.  Fill up with fuel here.

Follow the signs in Kalomo for the park, passing over a rather old bridge and then onto the Dundumwezi road.  This road, we are told, is to be repaired soon, but for now is rather bumpy.  The road of 70 km passes through the Kalomo Hills after which you will reach the gate.


Once settled at Nanzhila there are several scenic routes to be taken for a morning or day’s drive. The Nanzhila River and the floodplain will dry up during the year leaving waterholes remaining along its course.The best way to see the area is with one of the guides but it is also an excellent area to self-drive.
The lodge management will be able to tell you of recent wildlife sightings. Black-cheeked lovebirds are found nearby, so ask for directions to their favourite waterhole.

From Nanzhila, a trip can be made to Camp Phoenix, the Elephant Orphanage.  Let them know if you wish to visit – Nanzhila will organise this for you.



Ngoma: 15° 54.78’S, 25° 57.12’E

Camp Phoenix: 15° 58.00’S, 25° 51.60’E

Kalenje: 16° 12.42’S, 25° 59.90’E

Nanzhila: 16° 16.76’S, 25° 55.09’E

Dundumwezi: 16° 41.57’S, 26° 1.83’E


Thank you to Nanzhila for so many trips to the lodge.

I have lost count how many times I have stayed there.


Elephants in Kafue can be nervous but, more and more, they are getting used to people and vehicles.  In fact, during 2016 some came to visit Nanzhila Lodge – a real milestone.  However, do be wary of elephants as you drive around.

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