The north of Kafue is only accessible during the dry season between June and November, depending upon the rains. The Busanga Plain floods out from the Lufupa River during the rainy season so all the camps there will be taken down in November and replaced at the beginning of the next dry season. Busanga is known for its herds of lechwe, puku, buffalo, roan, all of which are followed by lion and cheetah.



All the accommodation on Busanga Plain is luxury, as is the camp at Lufupa. Wilderness Safaris has four camps; Mukambi has one.



Most of the visitors to Busanga Plains through Wilderness Safaris arrive by air.

Guests at Busanga Plains Camp (Mukambi) can either self-drive or can take a road transfer from Mukambi Lodge.

If you are not staying in one of these camps it is possible to do a day trip from The Hook.  Take the road through the park, turning to the west at the Tree Tops Sign.  Start early and make sure you have enough time to leave the park before it closes.

Alternatively it is possible to drive from The Hook, through the north gate at Kabanga, around the park to the south and to reach the camps in the eastern section in one day.



Turning to Busanga: 14° 25.87’S, 26° 8.92’E

Kabanga Gate: 14° 5.82’S, 26° 7.05’E

Lunga Pontoon: 13° 59.05’S, 26° 20.82’E


Thank you to Wilderness Safaris for my stay


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