Kafue East is another popular destination for weekends away from Lusaka. It is one of the best places to see elephant as they visit the river to drink and bathe. Although some of the lodges are in the GMA and not in the park, visitors have a boat transfer over to the park where a safari vehicle awaits.



There are five camps, two within the park and three in neighbouring GMAs. McBrides and Hippo are in the park to the south of the Kafue River; Leopard Lodge and Kafue River Lodge are north of the Kafue River in Lunga-Luswishi GMA and Mushingashi is within its own conservancy south of the Kafue (Mushingashi is at present closed for renovations).  The wildlife moves between the park and the GMAs as there are no fences, just the Kafue River.



No scheduled flights come to the area but there are private airstrips for small planes.

For the self-drive, at Mumbwa, take the road into the town. At the first roundabout, turn left and look for the Amatheon sign and take that right turn. This is a dirt road and can get bumpy. The first lodge is Mushingashi Conservancy. 23 km further is the turning to McBrides and Hippo (about 20 km away). Finally, Leopard and Kafue River are reached after crossing the Lubungu Pontoon over the Kafue River.

Self-drive can also reach the east of the park from The Hook.  It is a long, but interesting day’s drive.  Start early and enjoy the trip.



All the lodges are sign-posted along the road.

Lubungu Pontoon: 14° 33.76’S, 26° 27.36’E


Thank you to Leopard Lodge and Mushingashi for my stays there


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