The Hook of the Kafue was named many years ago by prospectors as they explored the region for copper and other minerals. The Kafue River makes a huge bend (or ‘hook’). The Hook Bridge area is a popular spot for weekends from Lusaka. It is also a good place to stop en route to Liuwa NP.

From there it is possible to take tours into the park, north or south, and into Mumbwa Game Management Area. The Kafue River is a pristine river with abundant fish species. It does not have tigerfish, but does have the predatory pike.



The only scheduled flights which come to the area are to Lufupa Airstrip which is about 60 km from The Hook.  There are other airstrips for charter flights.

It is a 3-hour drive from Lusaka on the Lusaka-Mongu Road. The Nalusenga Gate marks the start of the park when driving from Lusaka. North of the road is the actual park, south is Mumbwa Game Management Area. There are no fees payable for using the road. Care should be taken when driving along the road after Nalusenga as wildlife may cross. It is a cause of concern how many animals are becoming road-kill because of speeding vehicles, especially in the dark.

Arriving from the south will be from Itezhi-Tezhi either along the Spinal Road or the road to the east of the Kafue River which meets the Lusaka-Mongu road.



Open all year:

Mukambi Lodge has a variety of chalets.  Mayukuyuku has chalets and campsite.   Ila Lodge is a luxury lodge. Pinnon has chalets.

Dry Season only:

Fig Tree is a luxury camp. Mapunga has tented chalets and camping.    Kafwala has self-catering chalets.



All the lodges are sign-posted along the main road

Chunga: 15° 3.25’S, 26° 0.34’E

Hook: 14° 56.576’S, 25° 54.361’E


Thank you to Mukambi and Mayukuyuku

I have stayed at Mukambi lots of times.  Sometimes I have arrived unannounced as I have failed to do a planned trip and had to return exhausted, only to be met with an ice-cold beer and comforting words – there is always tomorrow.


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