News from Zambia – June 2018

My header is from Wildlife Camp, South Luangwa.  The caption was: Winter sunset. Quite cold this year or maybe we are getting old !!!
This was followed by a comment:  Vote for old

The opening salvo was taken from a video by Gavin Opie of Nkonzi Camp, South Luangwa.

The Weather

We are in our cold season now.  Temperatures, especially along rivers, can drop to 0ºC.  During the day the temperatures can rise to about 30ºC if we are lucky.  Definitely all travellers should have jumpers and jackets with them.  There have been a few short showers but, as with May, these showers have come up from the south and are quite unusual.

The Parks

June is the start of the main safari season in the parks.  All the bush camps are open.  The grass is still quite long but yellowing, ready to fall over.  Some park roads are still a bit boggy so self-drive need to check on road conditions before setting out on a journey.

In Kafue teams have been out doing an early burn under supervision.  Being such a large park with few natural boundaries, the park is susceptible to wild fires later on in the season when temperatures are very high.  These teams burn firebreaks to keep the environment safe.

The floods down the Upper Zambezi River are slowly receding and the Victoria Falls are reducing in their ferocity.  With the river going down, the whitewater rafting in the gorges resumed at the end of the month.

Lake Kariba which had been low for several years is filling up and has reached over 80% of its capacity.  The islands which had appeared in the lake when the water was low are being submerged.

From around the regions from media


Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge

Parrot fishing season has just begun on the Zambezi!

G: At this time of year the parrot fish, a small but valuable food fish, migrates downriver.  The people are ready for this event and take to the river in their makoras, loaded with nets.  It is one of the area’s annual highlights.  Guests at Royal Chundu can be taken to view the spectacle.  



The Waterfront

The Victoria Falls Waterfront Adventure Rooms, huge bathroom, air-conditioned, room fridge, and all modern amenities. Viewing the Mosi-oa-tunya and taking part in our bucket list regional activities has never been so affordable.  This room is made up as a double.

Explorer Club Zamia


Kayube Estates

Nothing nicer than sitting around a warm comforting fire in the most beautiful setting on the Zambezi


AVANI Victoria Falls Resort

Unwind in your very own contemporary Zambian hideaway at AVANI Victoria Falls Resort

G: AVANI Victoria Falls Resort is in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.  Only indigenous plants are within the grounds.  Here in the photograph are the pink impala lilies which give a splendid display during June. 


Jollyboys Backpackers Lodge

Get ready folks …. From the 1st of July, NO MORE PLASTIC STRAWS!

Planning a full-scale attack on single use plastics … join the revolution


Thorn Tree Safaris from Claire Powell

This is one of my very favourite rides, mainly because of the super awesome riders who become part of our worldwide family …. Bike Zambia, returning to Zambia for the 7th year and bringing an incredible $197,000  (to date but rising) for beneficiaries here.

Follow us for our daily brilliant video footage and photographs of this life changing adventure!!

Day ONE: Thorn Tree Safaris camp build, Bike Zambia cyclists arrival.  Location : Lusaka, Eureka Camp

This year we have 38 fabulous individuals who have fund raised and trained hard all year for our Lusaka to Livingstone cycle challenge.


Wilderness Safaris is at Busanga Plains

White-faced ducks at Hippo Pools

Take a moment to consider these amazing moments captured by guide Samuel Simunji Simunji from a boat outing at Busanga Bush Camp.

Eye-to-eye with a buffalo – does wildlife viewing get much better than this? Thanks Sam, and please keep them coming!


Mukambi Safaris

Classified as “vulnerable” on the IUCN redlist (only ~9,600 left in the world), we are pleased to be watching a pair of Wattled Cranes fishing in the dambo at Fig Tree Lodge. Wattled Cranes have flaps of skin or “wattles” hanging from their chin that can indicate their mood – the wattles shrink if the crane is nervous or elongate if they are excited.




Road block on the way back to camp. This beautiful spotted eagle owl treats us to a prolonged pose before taking off silently into the night


Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp


Kasabushi Camp

‘Kasabushi’ is the local word for Otter. Two Cape Clawless Otters enchanted our clients on a boat cruise early Friday morning. Such a special sighting.


Mayukuyuku Camp

A photograph from their newsletter.  An aerial view of the 21 km road.


Kaingu Safari Lodge

Saturday and Sunday at Kaingu Lodge.


Kafue Lodge Mpongwe

Our shy & rarely seen Samango monkeys

G: Kafue Lodge Mpongwe is not in the park but along the Kafue River to the northeast.  It is a popular lodge for fishing and is on a private conservancy.  Easiest access is from the Lusaka-Ndola Road.


Gavin Opie Safaris – Nkonzi Camp, Luangwa

There is nothing more wild and beautiful than a drive into Nkonzi camp and not knowing what you are going to see….the added bonus yesterday was seeing the wild dogs

The lovely nocturnal genet spotted on last nights’ game drive, so beautifully perched


Kafunta Safaris

Here’s the full story from Edward Selfe (Edward Selfe Photo Safaris) about this female leopard, her young and the bad boy!

This sweet little guy was lucky to escape with his life! His mother had killed an impala the previous night and they’d fed together all day. As darkness fell, his mother dragged the carcass to a nearby tree, knowing that hyenas would surely steal it otherwise.

In fact, in the last light of day, a large male leopard appeared and challenged the female. She fought back, distracting the male while the cub escaped. They fought for around 3 minutes (a lifetime in battle!) but eventually the male chased her off.

He stood over the carcass, snarling at the female, and began to feed.

The female fought bravely to defend the carcass, brawling on 6 or 7 occasions, but she was never going to overpower him.

The 2nd photo shows the mother and cub feeding on the carcass in the few moments that they had before the male showed up and chased them off!

And the 3rd photo shows the thieving male telling them that the kill is now his!


The Bushcamp Company

Life is all about overcoming hurdles!

Two adorable new additions to the Mfuwe Lodge family, born 4 days ago in the hippo pool in front of the Lodge and Bush-Spa!  They appear to be twins, which is very rare for hippos!  Photos by Ian Salisbury


Croc Valley Camp

CrocValley’s new pizza oven has brought a little slice of Italy to the bush and is turning out be very popular among our guests. Our head chef and master pizza maker, Obeany Mukulumbu is seen here cooking up a storm! Guests may design their own pizza, adding their toppings of choice.


Kanyemba Lodge & Kanyemba Island Bush Camp

Zambezi shiver – early morning sunrise in the cold mist.


Anabezi & Amanzi Camp

Here’s an example of why we always escort our guests to their rooms at night; one of our resident leopard gals strutting her stuff on the boardwalk!

Thanks to our guest Marshall Bailey for sharing your image with us!


Conservation Lower Zambezi

Sneaky Saturday in the Lower Zambezi. Look carefully for what lurks behind the trees


Kasanka Trust Zambia

Early morning Wasa mists.

Puku bachelors herd.

An afternoon on Luwombwa River.


Ndole Bay Lodge

Our clients enjoying a SCUBA dive in June’s clearer waters this week with our local dive guide in Lake Tanganyika, Zambia.


Zambian Carnivore Programme

More good news for the carnivore recovery in Liuwa–the first confirmed record of hyena triplets!! Liuwa hyena 76 has been intensively studied as part of our collaborative APN-DNPW-ZCP work since 2010, and she has just given birth to these three cubs! Photos by Daan Smit


Shiwa Safaris by Mark Harvey

Stunning evening light on the Luangwa — at North Luangwa National Park.

Fight of the Warties!

This led to the hairy guy getting his tusk broken and running off!



Siavonga 400

The last weekend of June was the date for the Mazabuka-Siavonga Bike Fun Ride, known as the Siavonga 400.  I am sure there will be lots of photos and a video of the event but here is their promotional video.