News from Zambia – July 2018

The header is from North Luangwa National Park by Mark Harvey at Buffalo Camp.  The caption: Sunset in the Luangwa Valley.

The opening salvo is of a nightjar recorded from my garden in Livingstone.


The cold weather continued during July.  It was complemented by some wind which made it feel even more chilly.  Temperatures here in Livingstone dropped to 7ºC, so surely near rivers it would have dropped to 0º.  However, by the end of the month the temperatures started to rise and, although still ‘jumper weather’, it was more appealing.  Temperatures during the day were fine, reaching about 25º.


The boggy roads in the parks have mostly dried out making travelling around much easier.  As this is the start of the busy season all visitors have to book ahead.  Most of the lodges are on the internet so forward booking is easy.

This is the denning season for wild dogs.  Only the alpha female will have a litter with the rest of the pack helping to raise the pups.  Both Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa have reported litters, but because wild dogs prefer to be quite secretive about their denning, there will be many more litters around the country.  Wild dog pups will  be killed by lions or hyena if they are found.

Tracks 4 Africa

Tracks 4 Africa gives lots of advice on self-drive travel around Africa.  They also have maps and tips for GPS use.  If you need advice on travelling to Zambia via other countries, their website is worth reading.  Click on the link to the right to have a look.

From around the regions from media


The Victoria Falls are still ‘smoking’.  However, the amount of water has reduced so that viewing is better.  Livingstone Island has re-opened and swimming on the lip of the falls is now a visitor’s option.

Whitewater rafting along the gorges has resumed.


Saf Par

The lunar rainbow is a series of nighttime rainbows visible in the mist of the Victoria Falls, caused by the refraction of the moon’s light, in the rising, swirling spray. Visitors get to experience the Victoria Falls, also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, at night, it is a surreal and very enjoyable experience.

Explorer Club Zamia


AVANI Victoria Falls Resort

It’s a family affair


A large herd of about 30 elephant has been around Livingstone during July.  It is a family herd with many young ones.  Locals and visitors alike have been entertained by them.  They are often seen along the road between Livingstone and Victoria Falls.  Below are some photographs taken by Claire of Thorntree Safaris

Thorn Tree Safaris

Day 8 of Bike Zambia 2018 our last ride day taking us to our finish line, Victoria Falls. A mixed feeling day, happy to have successfully completed such a fabulous amazing ride with 38 awesome new BZ family and sad that such an epic week has already come to an end !!


Livingstone’s Adventure

Livingstone’s Adventure has partnered with AVANI and Mahogany Air to provide 2 or 3-day packages to Livingstone.  The packages include accommodation and air flight from Lusaka together with many activities.  Livingstone’s Adventure offers canoeing, helicopter and microlight flights, horse rides, river cruises and fishing.


Kafue National Park has been the focus of two groups promoting conservation.

Firstly, Row Zambezi is a group of rowers rowing along the Kafue River.  They started the journey at the edge of the park and ended it at the new Rowing Centre in Kafue Town.  They are promoting clean water.  The Kafue River is one of Zambia’s pristine rivers but it does have its source in the Copperbelt where a lot of mining occurs.  Vigilance by the mining companies and constant testing by the Zambia Environmental Agency keeps the river a haven for fish, wildlife and people which rely on it.

It wasn’t all plain sailing as they hit some headwinds near The Hook.  Here is a short clip.

Secondly, Wild Ride was a cycle ride promoted by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to raise funds and awareness.  Participants in the cycle ride were DSWF education adviser Andrew White, DSWF Conservation Ambassadors Jacques Rudolph, Laura Wright and Harry Rowland.  They rode through the park for 400km.

Laura Wright, is a Record Breaking Sporting Mezzo Soprano and a familiar face at worldwide sporting events, being an official anthem singer at RFU. She was joined by her fiance, Rugby player Harry Rowland.  Jacques Rudolph, the South African Cricketer, also participated.  All are David Shepherd Wildlife Ranger Ambassadors.

G: The video shows the first stretch of the Wild Ride which was on the main Lusaka-Mongu Road.  Once they reached The Hook, the rest of the ride through Kafue is on park roads, many of which are very sandy.


Wilderness Safaris is at Busanga Plains

Swamp lions earning their keep! Our Busanga Plains season started with a bang a month ago, with sightings of two new nomad male lions that have moved into the territory. And it’s just getting better and better…

This last week Shumba guide Newton Mulenga and his guests watched in amazement as the Papyrus Pride’s Maggie and Princess singled out a lechwe from a huge herd feeding in an inundated floodplain.


Mukambi Safaris

Awesome and very bloody hippo battle on the lawn in front of our main lodge – these two titans were fighting for dominance over our stretch of the Kafue River!

Photograph: Victor Shibomba

Busanga Plains Camp

Well, they made it to the Plains camp… not without a few adventures of course!


Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

We are enjoying an awesome season so far and here is a selection of some of our recent sightings…


The Mobile Safari

The Mobile Safari travels from Livingstone into the southern section of Kafue National Park.  Here are some photos of one of their trips.


Mayukuyuku Camp

Enjoying a bush breakfast on the banks of the Kafue River.


Kaingu Safari Lodge

Penultimate game drive for a charming family staying with us who have been exceptionally lucky with sightings. Julia and myself decided to join them for a spin around the pools loops. As it turned out we had reason to be super glad that we made that decision as we had 30 mins with this young male.


McBrides’ Camp

Warthog’s delight.  A perfect fit!!


Gavin Opie Safaris – Nkonzi Camp

About 2 minutes ago, Lizzie and I got to watch these impressive elephants amble past the office….What a way to start our week!


Kafunta Safaris

Have you ever seen a chameleon shedding?  Photo by our guest Simon Stafford

Fishing Party!!

When water is very low in channels or oxbow lagoons, storks of all kinds, gather in frantic fishing parties, catching those fish trapped in the low waters.


The Bushcamp Company

Mfuwe Lodge was awarded by Travel + Leisure as one of the top five hotels in Africa.


Wildlife Camp

Two young Thornicroft giraffe bulls playing around. South Luangwa National Park. Picture Credit: @dawie_maree


Flatdogs Camp

“Let me go so I can go and explore Flatdogs!”


Conservation South Luangwa

Line of Buffaloes

CSL 2018 Conservation Fun Run and ZCP Carnivore Cup highlights. This is the first time we’ve had this amazing event filmed, check it out, not enough people saw the last post!! We are very proud that the film was produced by Luangwa’s own 20 year old Samson Moyo – amazing stuff. This young man is going places!!


Kanyemba Lodge & Kanyemba Island Bush Camp

Spectacular 8,6 kg tiger fish caught and successfully released by Kanyemba Lodge guest Bill Smith over the weekend.


Royal Zambezi Lodge

‘Uber Lower Zambezi’ – The night guards who walk you safely between your rooms and the main area at night – Featuring Paul & Thomas.


Chiawa & Old Mondoro

‏The Safari Suite at Chiawa Camp where our guests are not the only visitors.


Kasanka Trust Zambia

Kasanka is currently implementing an early burning programme. It is an important management tool to limit the spread and impact of late hot fires which have the capacity to damage woodlands. We are also maintaining an extensive network of fire breaks to protect our most fire sensitive habitats. This network will protect the iconic “bat forest”, amongst other habitats.


The north of Zambia is mostly a self-drive destination.  It includes Nsumbu National Park on Lake Tanganyika, many waterfalls and different ethnic groups.  Nickson Chilangwa is the Luapula Province Minister.

To find out more about the Northern Circuit, click here

Hon. Nickson Chilangwa, MP

Yesterday, I joined PF Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila and fellow members of the Central Committee in celebrating with Mwata Kazembe.

This year’s Umutomboko Traditional Ceremony marks 20 years of the Mwata’s reign on the Kazembe throne. So it’s so special and big. …

Congratulations to Mwata Kazembe. I have posted these pictures By Godfrey Chikumbi from Umutomboko.


Isanga Bay Lodge

Local sailing boat passing the lodge this morning


Quentin Allen

Quentin is one of the authors of Waterfalls of Zambia.  He has been posting old photographs of some of the waterfalls during the month.

Quentin mentions Stephen Robinson, one of Zambia’s best photographers.

Lumangwe Falls, Kalungwishi River from the diary 2006 July. Went to the base of the falls down the steep path gripping on vines. Found a place under a large tree with tendrils hanging down to sketch.  A comfortable site to get out the watercolours and paint the falls.  The falls were not full so full that I managed to escape the spray. I had visited this fall so often; one of those places to keep coming back to.

Ntumbachushi Falls, Ngona River, Luapula Province, between Mbereshi and Kawambwa from the diary July 2006.  I have been visiting this fall for many years.  One of my favorite spots.  A beautiful river splashing over 5 waterfalls with clear pools to enjoy swimming in.  So many people just visit the main falls not taking the time to see the wonderful playground of falls above. It was a pleasure to introduce photographer Steve Robinson to this stunning place

Mumbalumba Falls, Luamfumu River, Luapula Province. From the diary July 2006.

We drove into Mansa and went to Shoprite to stock up after our Mumbatuta visit then we drove the 32 km to the Mumbalumba turnoff left on the Luapula Rd.  8.2 kms later we were at the falls; set up camp near rocks full of beautiful flowering aloes.  The falls tumble in two cataracts and was beautifully lit by the afternoon sun.  Steve set up his camera I had a wash at the top as the sun slowly set.  We cooked fresh Shoprite chicken with sweet potatoes on the plough disc.


Liuwa Plain National Park

It is with great excitement that we announce the birth of three new cubs to our growing lion pride!  They are seen here lying between their cousins

The main Liuwa pride now consists of 12 individuals who are actively monitored by African Parks and our partners at ZCP and DNPW.


Angle Zambia

Angle Zambia has its main camp in the Barotse Floodplain.  It is called Barotse Tiger Camp and is famous for the large tiger fish caught in the Zambezi River.

Ronald McCann caught this superb 18.5lb tiger fish caught at Barotse Tiger Camp… Congratulations on this beautiful catch.

Congratulations also to young Luhan Drotskie on his 13.5 lb tiger caught at BarotseTiger Camp!


Shiwa Safaris by Mark Harvey

Not the most gracious entry into the river!!!


Siavonga 400

A short clip of part of the run from Siavonga to Mazabuka from Ian Brooks

Ian’s comment:  Siavonga 400 dust has settled now. For the slower riders like me, there was time to ‘smell the roses’. The views were spectacular!


Mindola Dam

11 teams (26 fishing) at yesterday’s social fishing competition at Mindola Dam. The windy conditions made the going a bit tough and only 80 fish in total were caught and released … the biggest was 1.34kg caught by Nico of team Katumpa. Team Katumpa finished in 1st place with 18 fish and 738 points.