Itezhi-Tezhi started its life with the construction of the dam wall in 1972.  It became a popular weekend spot for fishing and boating.  But since the road from Lusaka became badly potholed visitors have been few.  The road started its rehabilitation in 2014 but after completing just a short section, the work has come to a standstill. The road, though is OK to drive on diversions and visitors do not need a 4×4.

This is the perfect place to stay for visitors who do not like to drive themselves into the park or enjoy having wildlife on their doorstep.  The park is just a short hop away and guided tours are available.



Along the shore, overlooking the lake are three lodges – Musungwa, New Kalala and Chibila.  (Chibila is a self-catering camp owned by the Wildlife Society).

New Kalala has camping.

Getting There

From Lusaka

Most visitors come from Lusaka via the Lusaka-Mongu Road.

As a quick note, there is no petrol station in Itezhi-Tezhi but ZESCO sells to the public.  It is necessary to go to their offices and pay there and then go down the hill to fill up at their depot.

From Livingstone

You can either reach Itezi-Tezhi via the southern section of the park or a quicker route is to come via Namwala.  Livingstone – Namwala is all tar.  In Namwala the road suddenly ends and goes onto a bumpy stretch alongside the Kafue River to the pontoon.  After the pontoon, the road is good dirt into Itezhi-Tezhi.

According to the news, the road from Namwala to Itezhi-Tezhi is being redone.  In the meantime, though, it is not advisable to use this route during the rains because of the stretch between Namwala and the pontoon.


Thank you to Musungwa Lodge for my stays there


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