February starts with a photograph from Mawimbi Bush Camp, Kafue National Park

During January we were expecting a drought this year; very little rain had fallen and some places were extremely hot.  And then, as soon as February arrived, the rain started to fall.  It has hardly stopped all month.  We are wet, wet, wet.  The rivers are flowing and lakes filling up.

It is not a surprise, then, that news is rather short in the newsletter.  Everyone has been inside watching the rain pour or dribble from the skies.  It’s been gloomy too with cloud cover most days.  We never know what to expect in our rainy seasons these years …

The Victoria Falls are full with all this local rain, but more will come down the river because much of the water in the Zambezi is collected in Angola and Western Province and has still to arrive.  The Kafue and Luangwa Rivers are both full too, hippos finding relief with more water to wallow in.

The wildlife in the parks is scattered into the far reaches of the parks and our safari guides have to really know their ‘stuff’ to find them.  The birds, though, are still a real treat with the youngsters starting to fledge.  Chameleons and insects abound.  The caterpillars are busy chewing all the leaves and will soon pupate and then turn into butterflies – March and April are absolutely splendid for butterflies.


During the month Skyscanner, an international travel agent, put Zambia as

Number One for the safest place to visit in 2018.


Travel + Leisure

Zambia is one of T+L’s Best Places to Visit in 2018!


Comments and photographs from Tour Operators around the country on Social Media



The Waterfront

The magnificent “Mosi-oa-tunya” the “Smoke that thunders”. The spray at full spate can be seen from up to 40 kms away on a clear day. Just 4kms from the Waterfront as the crow flies:).

The River Club

1st March is full moon and key to the best-kept secret in Victoria Falls…. at full moon visitors are able to visit the Falls at night to see a lunar rainbow, or MOONBOW – a mystical sight to behold!

A true moonbow is lit by reflected light from the Moon and Victoria Falls is one of the few places on earth this magical phenomenon occurs. Wow!


AVANI Victoria Falls Resort

A shot from the sky! Can you spot us?


Taita Falcon Lodge

Last night another 48mm rain! We now have had continuous rain from 28 January – one month and not finished yet! We have barely seen the sun for a month now -from 28 January up to 28 February 445mm and still going strong. Fun and games on road!



Mayukuyuku Camp

The Kafue National Park has its own version of the roadblock.

The lion may be the King of the Beasts but leopards are truly majestic.


Kasabushi Camp

Happy Valentine’s Day from the heart of the Kafue! Kyle and Edwina will never forget their recent stay at Kasabushi or the Kafue, he proposed on top of Lubalanzuki Hill and the answer was ‘yes’! Kyle decided during a previous visit that the hill was the perfect place to get down on one knee and they have both felt on top of the world since.


Mawimbi Bush Camp

When everything is green during the rainy season.



Kanyemba Lodge

Lower Zambezi in two spectacular minutes…


Royal Zambezi Lodge

Can you believe just like that its FEBRUARY! 2018 is off to a great start – Royal has been awarded the PRIVATE LUXURY RETREAT OF THE YEAR!!  We are thrilled with the recognition


Conservation Lower Zambezi

On the Chinese calendar 2018 is the year of the dog…in the Lower Zambezi it’s the year of the Wild Dog!



Robin Pope Safaris

Join us as we watch with bated breath as a herd of elephants try to protect a calf as they cross a river filled with crocodiles.


The Bushcamp Company (Mfuwe Lodge)

February: the month when New Year’s resolutions about exercising more fall by the wayside . . .

Photos by Johan W. Elzenga, photographer


Wildlife Camp

Yesterday afternoon we came across the pack of Wild dogs just resting by the road. later on, we watched them chase and kill an Impala. Wonderful sightings this time of the year.


Conservation South Luangwa

With over 15,000km² to patrol, it is impossible to do it all on foot with limited man power. Flying over the park is an essential anti-poaching tool and covering the western boundary is equally important. Thank you to Dazzle’s upcoming fundraiser in Las Vegas on the 14th April which will be raising funds for our plane. If you are in the area and don’t have a ticket please get in touch, it will be worth your while!!



Time + Tide Norman Carr Safaris

We are thrilled to announce that Time + Tide King Lewanika has won runner up for the Best Safari Lodge in Jetsetter magazine’s 2018 Best of the Best Hotel Awards!

We love sharing our passion for the beautiful Liuwa Plain National Park, and are thrilled that others are enjoying so much as well!


Zambian Carnivore Programme

A hyena mother grooms her young cub in Liuwa Plain. Photo by Daan Smit

This hyena from Liuwa’s South Clan felt compelled to investigate a large black-necked spitting cobra detected around the clan’s communal den. Fortunately the meeting was without incident, as the cobra continued on around the den and the hyena resumed resting. Photo by M. Becker

Tracking flight for cheetah and wildebeest across the flooded expanse of Liuwa Plain. Photos by Daan Smit



Ndole Bay Lodge

Off on a SCUBA dive trip on Sokonto, our dhow, a tailor-made trip yesterday.







A great sighting of elephants, seen on our SCUBA dive trip in Nsumbu National Park.



Bangweulu Wetlands

It’s wet season and you would like an escapade in the bush but a lot of places are closed? You are adventurous and your 4×4 is not afraid of muddy terrain? Come and enjoy Bangweulu Wetlands during the rains! The swamp is at its best, with breathtaking landscapes and thousands of Black Lechwe and birds thriving in the floodplains! Go on guided walks, wander in the plains, or take a boat tour and go look for the prehistoric-looking Shoebill among the papyrus. In March-April, Nkondo Tented Camp will be open to people self-driving with both the options of self-catering or full board packages.  Contact us via Facebook and get a 5% discount on your stay during these 2 months. Don’t wait!

Photos: Julie Linchant & Stuart Slabbert