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December 2018

Above is the Knife Edge Bridge which crosses between the two precipices opposite the Falls.  At this time of year it is fairly dry, but, come the height of the rainy season, it does become very slippery.  Then our visitors have to cling to the railings to keep upright.

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December started off a bit rainy and then, for us in Livingstone, it went away again.  It returned at the end of the month and we seem to be getting into our normal pattern of a shower every afternoon.  However, in the north of Zambia, rain has been falling and the Luangwa River has collected a lot of water from its tributaries and is the highest it has been for many years.

The temperatures range quite a bit depending upon whether we have rain or not.  We have seen some high temperatures in the high 30s, dropping to 20ºC after a storm.

The Parks

This is the Emerald Season when the bush is green and wet.  Only those camps in the parks which can be accessed all year round are open.

In Kafue, the camps around The Hook are open, as are those along the Spinal Road and in the east, via Mumbwa.  In Lower Zambezi, only Chiawa Game Management is open.  In Luangwa, those camps in neighbouring Lupande Game Management Area are open along with Mfuwe and Chichele Lodges in the park; all the bush camps are closed.

Luambe and North Luangwa are closed.

Liuwa Plain is attracting many visitors and not just the wildebeest.  At Kasanka the bats are wowing all who visit.

The Rivers

The rivers are filling up with the rain.  The fish are spawning so the fishing ban is in place until the end of February to allow for regeneration of the fish stocks for the coming season.


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Tracks 4 Africa

Tracks 4 Africa gives lots of advice on self-drive travel around Africa.  They also have maps and tips for GPS use.  If you need advice on travelling to Zambia via other countries, their website is worth reading.  Click on the link to the right to have a look.


From around the regions from media


The Victoria Falls Bridge as seen from one of the back footpaths around the Falls.  In the middle of the bridge is the Bungee Jumping activity – 111 metres to the water in the gorge below.  Visitors can also go for a guided walk along the gangways under the bridge to hear about the story of its construction in 1904.


The Elephant Café

The Elephant Café is truly unique – you will not find a similar experience anywhere in the world! This restaurant is home to a herd of rescue elephants in Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park in Livingstone, Zambia – just kilometres above the mighty Victoria Falls.

Take a jetboat wildlife adventure with Zambezi Expeditions through stunning channels and islands before arriving at our peaceful riverside venue to be met by these gentle giants on arrival.


Kayube River Estate

Here are some photographs of the brand new addition to the Kayube accommodation, the Boat House. The first ‘guineapigs’ who stayed there over the Christmas period loved it!


AVANI Victoria Falls Resort

At our pool bar you can unwind and indulge in delicious wood-fired pizzas and chilled cocktails



Mukambi Safaris

Aw – warthog affection, with a puku onlooker. Temperatures are nice and toastie here in the Kafue National Park, Zambia – something these little pigs have no problem dealing with.


Mayukuyuku Camp

Elephants are now almost staff members as they seem to arrive at the camp every other day.


Flatdogs Camp

For the first year in many the Luangwa has filled up by Christmas and is showing us how impressive it is when in full flow.

From a 10m wide trickle on the far bank to a 100m wide torrent in 5 days! Incredible and a treat for all our Christmas and New Year guests to experience.


Thornicroft Lodge

A pack of 20 Wild Dogs (10 adults and 10 youngsters) – What a sighting! 🙂

Especially when you are with a guest who has never seen Wild Dogs before. It was a lucky day!


The Bushcamp Company

Hmm, looks like pizza service might be a little bit slow today at Mfuwe Lodge!

photos by Andy Hogg


Tusk and Mane Safaris

We all hold our breath when our eyes fall upon the huge ears and the eye shine is the right size and the right width apart- it moves into the open and there is the excited hiss of “Serval” through out the vehicle!


Royal Zambezi Lodge

An amazing leopard sighting for Royal guests – Credit to Royal Zambezi guide Vincent Chavunga. This confident cat strolls right past the game vehicle without a worry in the world – Amazing.


Conservation Lower Zambezi

The Lower Zambezi reindeer wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


Ndole Bay Lodge

Ndole Bay Lodge

Heading out for a day on the lake on our dhow, Sokonto. Great for Diving, snorkeling and cruises.


Kamlesh Patel‎ to Zambian Waterfalls

Chilambwe Falls, Kafubu River, Kasama, Zambia.

Mumbotuta Falls, Luapula river, Milenge district


Mindola Dam

A pretty warm day at Mindola Dam yesterday for the last fishing competition of the year.

The ‘Dream Team’ Santa Sleigh – December, 2018


Zambian Carnivore Programme

Happy news from Liuwa! Female cheetah 439 was seen with three new cubs! Cheetah 439 has been part of our long-term carnivore conservation work since her birth in May 2015. She is from a litter of four siblings herself and split up from her two sisters in December 2017. This is her first litter, born last September, and the cubs have recently started moving along with their mother. We are delighted to see Cheetah 439 so successful as life is not easy for a new and inexperienced cheetah mother. Photo by Daan Smit

Wildebeest news from Liuwa! After spending the dry season in the North of Liuwa, the wildebeest herds have finally arrived back in the South! The majority of the population remained in the Northern section of the park a lot longer this year compared to what we have recorded in previous years of our wildebeest study, which we started in 2012 together with African Parks , DNPW, and WWF. Only last week have wildebeest migrated back to the Southern region of the park, where most of them can be found during the rainy season months. Photo by Daan Smit.


Ngonye River Camp

Today we were visited by some Kayakas from Switzerland.

Safari Par Excellence Kayakers

G: Some of our kayakers from Livingstone went for a trip to Ngonye Falls a few years ago.  Here are a couple of photos.

Blue Lagoon

Enoch Joseph Wetsy‎ to BirdWatch Zambia Forum

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