December is the real start of our rainy season and so far it has been good.  The Victoria Falls have started to fill up as have all the rivers around the country.  All the bush camps in the parks are closed but the main camps (on dry ground) remain open.

The migrant birds are enjoying the rain – see the photographs from Liuwa Plains.  Many of the animals are having their young so that the babies can grow up in a time of plenty.

I made an attempt at a video of the Victoria Falls …  They are now, I think, at their best – not too much nor too little.


From Around the Regions and News from our Tour Operators


Victoria Falls Waterfront


Santa arrives at the Waterfront

Zambezi Festival from November


Kayube Estates


Kayube House


AVANI Victoria Falls Resort


Take a guided horseback trail ride through the confines of the National Park to the edge of the Victoria Falls. See Zambia from an AVANI view …


The River Club


Home, James!

Yes, a 1929 Rolls Royce 20/25 HP Tourer lives here at the River Club!


Jollyboys Backpackers Lodge


Saturday night ‘jam’ session … Zambia meets Norway!



The camps in Busanga Plain, Lufupa and Nanzhila Plain are closed.  Lodges along the spinal road are open (Kaingu, Mawimbi, Kasabushi and Mufungata), as are Mukambi, Ila, Pinnons and Mayukuyuku near the Hook Bridge.  Around Lake Itezhi-Tezhi Musungwa, New Kalala and Konkamoya are also open.  To the east and via Mumbwa, Leopard, McBrides, Kafue River and Hippo Lodges are also open.

Anyone travelling along the spinal road during the rains should be wary of flash floods coming down the drifts.


Kaingu Safari Lodge


Cold temperatures mean beautiful morning mists and the skies are still clear for those magical evenings under the stars. Cheetah and lions were to feature in our sightings book almost daily in July – which was pretty spectacular! We also had some pretty amazing river sightings too – crazed hippos and very relaxed finfoots.


Mukambi Safari Lodge


We have such an incredible sculptor as a part of our team! Within a couple of days he made us these stunning wooden pizza plates, as well as the new elephant in the reception area. Well done Clamio!


Mayukuyuku Camp


On a game drive don’t just fix your attention on the ground. If you look up from time to time you might be surprised with some amazing sightings.


Musungwa Safari Lodge


Relax by the pool, play tennis, go on safaris in the Kafue National park, boat trips, hot springs, there is something for everyone.


McBrides’ Camp


proper road block…….


Ila Safari Lodge


Showcasing photography by our guide Lexon Munuma this week


Nanzhila Safari Lodge


Nanzhila is closed but here are some photographs from last year



Lower Zambezi National Park is closed but the lodges in the neighbouring Game Management Area of Chiawa remain open.  Most visitors fly in to Royal Airstrip.  If you are driving after Kanyemba check on road conditions – after heavy rains it can get a bit boggy. Lodges open are Kanyemba, Kiambi, Chongwe, Royal Zambezi, Baines and Mvuu.


Royal Zambezi Lodge


This is an old one, but still good …

Happy Christmas from everyone at Royal Zambezi Lodge. Have a great day! Here’s a Christmas treat for you all to enjoy!


Baines’ River Camp


Baobabs are the Lords of the Lower Zambezi—towering above the tree line and surveying the changes of the landscape over the ages. They were here before you, and they will be here long after. You can’t sit beneath one of these trees without feeling the intense energy of time.


Conservation Lower Zambezi


A Red-billed oxpecker caught on camera looking for lunch (ticks) on a Cape buffalo — at Lower Zambezi National Park.




Flatdogs Camp


Bull elephants having a sleep at Flatdogs Camp today. Wish you were here?

Marula Lodge


This is from October, but such fun that I had to include it now that I have learned how to put Facebook videos onto my website


Robin Pope Safaris


What a special sighting for our Nkwali guests recently who got to witness a special moment when an impala gave birth!

Picture credit Daniela and Matthias Anger


Zikomo Safari


A few photographs of wonderful visitors of several species!


Kafunta Safaris


Rainbow from the lodge


The Bushcamp Company

Just waiting for a game drive to start!

photo by Mfuwe Lodge guest Catherina Unger

How sweet is this?

Photo by Steven Hartman


Wildlife Camp


OK, I promise no more sunsets till after New Year !!! Just have to share this one from yesterday.


Conservation South Luangwa

3 week old baby elephant stuck in a pit

Concerned community members wanted to help

Dr Sichande, CSL / ZCP vet preparing the dart for the mother

Our team of scouts keeping an eye out for the mum

Carrying the baby from the pit to the mum

Popping the baby near his mum

He was immediately happy to be back with his mum

The baby did not mind Dr Sichande administering the antidote in his presence and ended up getting in the way trying to help

The baby urgently waiting for his mum to wake up. — with Matt Becker

He went straight in for a suckle even before mum could stand up

Thanks to a wonderful team of DNPW and CSL scouts, our vet and the help of ZCP as always in rescues


Zambian Carnivore Programme


The early rains are good times to be a wild dog puppy. The abundance of impala lambs makes hunting opportunities plentiful, which of course in turn leaves a lot of time for playing! Photos by M. Becker



Liuwa Plain closed at the end of the month for self-drive visitors.  The rains have been very good, and we never complain about the rain, but it does mean that the plain is flooded.  Fly-in guests can continue to enjoy the wonders of the park.


Time + Tide Norman Carr Safaris


Liuwa Plain is an absolute paradise for bird lovers! Every year the annual flood plains come to life with a cacophony of life unlike anywhere else in Africa



Ndole Bay Lodge


SCUBA diving with Ndole Bay Lodge on Lake Tanganyika, Zambia. Here is a short clip of one of our deeper dives with a school of Tanganyika Perch. An amazing fish for anglers to catch as well as fantastic fish to eat.


Nkamba Bay


WildFly Fishing Series is with Gareth George

Another beautiful Perch from the great waters of Lake Tanganyika. Nkamba Bay Lodge.



African Parks


Bangweulu means “where the water meets the sky” and this community-owned wetland in north-eastern Zambia, which African Parks has been managing since 2008, is one of the most extraordinary wetlands in all of Africa. Co-governance and community-driven conservation is helping to restore the natural resources and ecological functions that now sustain both local communities and the ecosystem. Its unique floral and faunal diversity have set the stage for a spectacular display of over 430 different bird species, including the rare and prehistoric-looking shoebill stork. …



Kasanka Trust Zambia


Some fantastic shots of what a visit to Kasanka over bat season looks like. Thank you to one of our recent guests, Beverly Houwing, for sharing your beautiful photos with us.



Luambe National Park has become Zambia’s second Carbon Neutral Park.  In 2016 Lower Zambezi became the first in the world.

A carbon neutral national park generates no greenhouse gas emissions from its operations and from operations associated with it.  Those emissions which are unavoidable like flights, vehicles and offices are offset by investment in forests.

The award is given by the international organisation BioCarbon Partners with support from USAID.


Luambe is closed until June



North Luangwa is closed until June