Zambia’s tourism logo is LET’S EXPLORE.  More and more travellers to Zambia want to self-drive and explore the country.  Being self-drive means that you can decide when and where you want to go, on a whim.  It is also a much cheaper option, especially if you are a large group or family.

The roads are generally good.

Please remember not to drive at night.  (Trucks take to the road at night and sometimes their headlights are not good.  Also, when a truck breaks down on the road they use rocks to wedge the wheels … and when they get going again they ‘forget’ to remove the rocks from the road.)  The speed limit on main roads is 100 kph.  Plan  your trips so that you enjoy the journey and arrive on time.

If you do not have your own vehicle, 4x4s (fully-equipped or not) can be hired.

On this page I have shown campsites and some self-catering camps.  It will give you a basic idea of what is available and where.  More details of the areas are available on other pages.

Bush Camping means that there are no facilities – no water, no toilet.



Baobab Cottages.  Halfway between Livingstone and the Falls, near UAC Helipad.  Camping and self-catering chalets.

Camp Nkwazi.  Turning is 24 km from town on the Kazungula Road.  Camping and budget accommodation.  Take the dirt road down to the Zambezi River.

Fawlty Towers.  Opposite Mosi-oa-Tunya Square in Livingstone.  Rooms, dorms and camping.

Jollyboys Backpackers.  Jollyboys has two facilities.  The main one in town is mainly for backpackers but the one near Tanzania road is popular with self-drive.  See Livingstone – Accommodation in Town.

Kubu Cabins.  Along the same road as Camp Nkwazi.  Camping and budget accommodation.

Livingstone Backpackers.  Essentially for backpackers but does have a small area for campers.

Mabula Game Farm.  40 km north of Livingstone on the Lusaka Road.  Mabula offers chalets and camping.  Turn-off at  17° 33.69’S,  25° 59.32’E.

Maramba River Lodge.  Camping and budget accommodation.  This is a quieter option to the Waterfront.  See Livingstone – Accommodation Around Town

Victoria Falls Waterfront (The Explorer Club).  Camping and budget accommodation.  The Waterfront is very popular with lots going on.  See Livingstone – Accommodation Around Town

Self Catering

Kayube Estates, Kazungula Road, turning is 23 km from town

Victoria Falls Apartments in town



The road between Livingstone and Sesheke is very bad after Kazungula.  Although Liuwa Plain is reachable after a long day from Livingstone it is best to break the journey.


Brenda’s Best Baobab.  Essentially this is budget accommodation but campers are also welcome.  It is just off the main road through town at: 17° 28.92’S, 24° 17.70’E.

Katima Mulilo to Ngonye Falls

Mutemwa Lodge (Turning: 17° 7.09’S, 24° 1.88’E).  They are constructing a new self-catering and camping facility to be open in 2019.

Kabula Lodge (Turning  17° 3.38’S, 23° 59.72’E) has budget self-catering accommodation and camping.

Kavumbu Lodge (Turning  16° 56.46’S, 23° 53.00’E).  Camping and self-catering accommodation.

Ngonye River Camp.  Campsite and chalets.  16° 40.23’S, 23° 37.45’E

Ngonye Falls Campsite is a community campsite next to the falls.  It is fenced and the staff who work there are very helpful and friendly.  As a community project, they are reliant on the income from the site.  16° 39.32’S, 23° 33.92’E.



The campsite in Lochinvar was destroyed in a fire.  However, you can ask to bush camp by the lagoon.

Otherwise, 10 km north of Monze is Moorings Campsite which has camping and self-catering.  From there it is possible to do day trips into Lochinvar.



I have given only two facilities for self-drive.  These camps are popular and are on the outskirts of town.

Eureka Camping Park, on Kafue Road, the road from Livingstone or Lower Zambezi.  Campsite and budget accommodation.  The turning to Eureka, on the east of the road is at: 15° 30.26’S, 28° 15.58’E

Pioneer Camp, on the Chipata, South Luangwa, Malawi road (the Great East Road).  The turning is at: 15° 21.94’S, 28° 25.42’E.  Follow the road to the camp at: 15° 23.75’S, 28° 27.06’E.  Campsite and budget accommodation.



Nakeenda Lodge has camping and self-catering.  Open May-November.



Southern Kafue

Nanzhila Safari Lodge (Open June-November) (Campsite has closed)


Konkamoya Lodge

New Kalala Camp

West Kafue

Kasabushi Camp (Access from the Spinal Road)

Mu-Fungata Safari Lodge (Access from the Itezhi-Tezhi Road)

Kaingu Safari Lodge (Access from the Itezhi-Tezhi Road)

Central Kafue near The Hook

Mayukuyuku Bush Camp

Mapunga Bush Camp (Open June-November)

Kafwala Rapids Camp (Self-catering, Open June-November)

East Kafue

Kafue River Lodge

Lungu Island (Self-catering)



Community Campsites

Kwale, Lyangu, Katoyana and Sikale

These have to be pre-booked through African Parks



On the road to Lower Zambezi:

Zambezi Breezers is on the Zambezi River, not far from Chirundu, and known for fishing – chalets and camping

Gwabi Lodge is on the Kafue River and is a family-orientated lodge – lodge and camping


Just over the bridge and into the Game Management Area

Mount Hermon Cottages – self-catering and camping

Nsofu – self-catering

Kiambi Lodge – lodge and camping


Lastly, into the wilderness, another 40 km into the Game Management Area

Mvuu Lodge – chalets, camping and self-catering.

Munyameshi River Lodge – camping and self-catering



If you are travelling between Zimbabwe and Zambia the best route is via Siavonga, then over the Kariba Dam wall into Zimbabwe.  This is a quiet border and a very pretty run, even though it might be a bit longer.

Spend a night in Siavonga:

Eagles Rest


Sandy Beach Safari Lodge

Or, along the road to Siavonga:

Tamarind Lodge



Camping is available in Lupande Game Management Area:

Track & Trail Camp

Thornicroft Lodge

Wildlife Camp

Zikomo Safari Lodge

Croc Valley Camp has self-catering



Lusaka to Ndola is 340 km.  It is a very busy road so will take time.

Fringilla Lodge – 50 km north of Lusaka – camping

Kafue Lodge Mpongwe – 240 km north of Lusaka and then 80 km on a westerly road.  Game Farm with self-catering.  Excellent fishing on the Kafue River.

Nsobe Game Camp – 60 km south of Ndola.  Campsite and self-catering



Musenga Farm Cottages is self-catering accommodation and is convenient for the Copperbelt.  It is half-way between Chingola and Chambishi.  (12° 37.33’S,  27° 56.78’E)



It is 560 km from Lusaka to Chipata and then another 120 km to South Luangwa National Park

Along the route:

Bridge Camp is 230 km from Lusaka.  Camping, chalets and restaurant.  Coming from Lusaka, just before the Luangwa Bridge, take a road south for 3 km.  15° 0.38’S, 30° 12.90’E


Community project Tiko Centre.  They have rooms, restaurant and camping.  It is on the main road into town from Lusaka.  14° 3.89’S, 32° 1.37’E


Mamarula Campsite.  Camping, rooms and restaurant.   Take the Lundazi road for 6 km, then follow the signs.  13° 34.97’S, 32° 36.61’E

Dean’s Hill View Lodge. Closed.




Forest Inn (13° 43.35’S, 29° 9.43’E).  Camping, rooms, restaurant


Kundalila Falls (13° 9.26’S, 30° 42.11’E).  Community campsite

Mutinondo Wilderness.  Turning (12° 22.81’S, 31° 5.89’E).  Then 25 km along this dirt road.  Camping.



These two lodges are recommended by Open Africa

Tusha Safari Lodge (11° 51.30’S, 31° 26.34’E).  It is on the main road into town from the south.  Camping.

Banyamas Lodge (11° 50.73’S, 31° 26.76’E).  In the town.  Camping and self-catering.

Kasanka National Park.  Camping.  See main page.

Bangweulu Wetlands.  Camping.  See main page.

Lavushi Manda National Park.  Camping.  See main page.

North Luangwa.  Natwange Community Campsite.  See main page.


Mpika to Isoka

Kapishya Hot Springs.  Sister to Shiwa Ngandu.  (11° 10.24’S, 31° 36.02’E). Camping and chalets.

Chipoma Falls (10° 45.00’S, 32° 0.28’E).  On the Mpika-Isoka Road.  Turn off (10° 45.87’S, 32° 2.95’E).  Then 6 km along a track.  National Heritage.  Camping with facilities.

Isoka-Nakonde Road.

King’s Highway (  9° 40.92’S, 32° 42.75’E).  60 km north of Isoka.  Camping and chalets.  Good reports.

Foundation for Cross-cultural Education (FCE), a non-profit organisation.

Mpulungu Accommodation

Nkupi Lodge.   (8° 45.34’S,  31° 7.06’E ) Camping and chalets.  Mentioned in both Bradt and Lonely Planet.

Isanga Bay Lodge (  8° 39.385’S, 31° 11.711’E).  Take the road east from Mbala.  Turnoff after 10 km (  8° 47.687’S, 31° 23.719’E).  Go west after 15 km at (  8° 41.610’S, 31° 17.944’E).   Then 20 km.  Camping and chalets.  The access road is not the best, so give it plenty of time.  Or you can catch a boat from Mpulungu.

Kalambo Falls ( 8° 35.85’S, 31° 14.38’E).  Take the same road as Isango but do not take the west turning, continue straight.  15 km.  National Heritage.  Camping.


Chishimba Falls (10° 6.49’S, 30° 55.05’E).  Has camping facilities (National Heritage).  It is 35 km east on the Mporokoso Road.


Mansa – Nsumbu

Mumbuluma Falls (10° 55.80’S, 28° 44.18’E).  32 km north of Mansa.  Turn east at (10° 55.60’S, 28° 47.96’E). 8km along this road.

Bush Camping

Mawambwa-Mporokoso Road

Ntumbachushi Falls ( 9° 51.17’S, 28° 56.65’E).  Turnoff:   (9° 50.66’S, 28° 56.45’E).  1 km along the track.  National Heritage. Bush Camping

Lumangwe Falls ( 9° 32.33’S, 29° 23.02’E).  Turnoff: ( 9° 32.15’S, 29° 27.87’E).  10 km along the track.  National Heritage Site.  Zambia Waterfalls:  Bush Camping

Kundabikwa Falls ( 9° 13.06’S, 29° 18.26’E).  Turnoff: ( 9° 11.40’S, 29° 19.89’E).  5 km along the track.  Zambia Waterfalls:  Camping superb – quiet and safe – no villages nearby. Bush camping

Ndole Bay ( 8° 28.69’S, 30° 26.97’E).  Camping and chalets.

The photographs of the waterfalls have been scanned from Waterfalls of Zambia courtesy of Ilse and Quentin.  They are not good copies, so, as I have mentioned before, you should come and take your own.

Mumbuluma Falls

Lumangwe Falls

Kundabikwa Falls

Ntumbachushi Falls