Blue Lagoon is a small park of around 420 sq km based on the Kafue River.  It is well-known by birders from Lusaka for a weekend trip.  The park used to be a farm.  The farmhouse and some added chalets form the accommodation.  During its life as a farm the owners constructed a causeway for 5 km into the floodplain which is the main attraction for visitors.  One commentator said that they went to the end of the causeway to watch the sunrise and it was magical.


The roads in the park are not clear on Google Earth – the water obliterates them during the rains.  When driving around it is best to follow previous tracks and keep the GPS handy.

Park Fees

Citizens                                                 K25 per person per day

Residents and SADC Nationals            US$7 per person per day

International                                          US$10 per person per day


Vehicle (Under 3 tonnes)

Local                                                  K25.50 per vehicle per day

International                                      US$15 per vehicle per day

The Wild Stuff

Being part of the Kafue Flats, Blue Lagoon is flat.  The whole of the Kafue Flats which includes Blue Lagoon, Lochinvar and neighbouring GMAs is a Ramsar Site – a wetland of international importance.  Much of the park is inundated by water from the Kafue River during the rainy season.  The land back from the river is termitaria and woodland with acacia species.

Animals include the Kafue lechwe, zebra, sitatunga, hippo, buffalo.  The big claim to fame are the massive pythons which have multiplied in the park.  They are known as water pythons but are African Rock Pythons and can grow up to 6 m in length and take down lechwe.  They mostly hunt at night.

Bird species number around 340 with water birds being the specialities with many flying in during the rains.  For a full bird list CLICK HERE.


Nakeenda Lodge is the only accommodation.  It is self-catering.  Bed linen and crockery for the kitchen are all supplied.  Visitors can also camp by the side of the lodge, using the bathroom of a chalet.

The lodge is open between May and December.


The main activity in Blue Lagoon is to go birding.  Visitors can either drive around or walk.  There is nothing dangerous in the park except, perhaps, for the pythons so keep to the clear footpaths.

Getting There

After leaving Lusaka on the Mongu road, travel for around 65 km.  There, take a dirt road south for 43 km to the park.

GPS Corner

Turning from Lusaka-Mongu road: 15° 15.73’S, 27° 44.70’E

Turning to the park: 15° 24.53’S, 27° 25.34’E

Nakeenda Lodge: 15° 27.21’S, 27° 27.44’E