News from Zambia – April 2018

The rains have mostly finished and the bush is beginning to dry out.  Our next rain will come in October or November.

The bush camps in Kafue National Park are still closed.  Luambe Camp is closed.  Some of the bush camps in South Luangwa will be open in May and the owners/managers have been out clearing the roads to gain access.  Elephants will often knock down a tree or two during the 5 months since the camps were operating, so it needs a team with some axes.  Many of the camps will have to be re-built.

The rivers are full with the Zambezi River still very high and lots more water on the way.  The Zambezi starts its life in northwest Zambia but then enters Angola for over 300 km where it picks up more water.  Angola had floods this year and much of that rainwater ends up in the Zambezi River.  The Victoria Falls are thundering.

The map shows the Zambezi River Basin with the Zambezi River in dark blue. 

This time is still our Emerald Season when the bush is green and the grass is long.  The animals will often be seen on the tracks where they have a clear view, just as they did during March.  The leaves on many trees are already dropping; aloes are in flower.

It won’t be long and the grass will turn yellow and fall over.  Soon too the temperatures will drop as we head towards our cold season.  Already night-time temperatures are dropping to 14°C.

From around the regions from media


Elephant Café

The Elephant Café activity is, in fact, three activities.  It includes a boat ride through the rapids of the Zambezi River from David Livingstone Safari Lodge to the Elephant Boma about 15 km upstream, followed by an interaction with the elephants.  After this, guests are treated to a 5* meal on the deck overlooking the river; a meal which uses ingredients found locally and then a return to the David Livingstone Safari Lodge back down the river.

I went for a trip during April.  If you would like to see more photos and read more about the trip, click on the photo

Below is a short video of the elephant interaction


Baobab Cottages

Baobab Cottages are just below the Baobab Ridge, the United Air Charter helipad.  The area used to be just a campsite but now they have added some self-catering chalets.  The chalets are perfect for self-drive visitors – the facility is secure, clean and functional.  The old gravel pit has been filled with water and fish – just right for the children to get out their fishing rod.


Kayube Estates

New Deck at the River House


Avani Resort

The animals in our hotel grounds.



Now if there was ever motivation needed to do a few lengths, the new pool and pool bar would be it right?


Jollyboys Backpackers Lodge

Say goodbye to the old camp and HELLO to the new one


Snakes Alive Zambia


Kafue River Cliff

Beautiful Kafue River

G: Kafue River Cliff runs a boat on the Kafue River by the bridge near Kafue Town.  It is popular with Lusaka people.


Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

A few weeks ago we asked for a name for our resident male lion…well, the deciding vote came when we discovered a pic of this lion is now featuring as a customised guitar pick and therefore, there was no contest – he is “Raymond the Regal” after the photographer who sent us these images.


Ila Safari Lodge

So wonderful to see seemingly unprompted social responsibility by this young fellow who was photographed picking up rubbish on the M9 in the Kafue National Park. A round of applause from all of us.


Mukambi Safari Lodge

Exceptional sighting on the game drive this afternoon! Gaboon viper! Thank you Victor for the beautiful picture.


Great boat trips: readers’ travel tips – Guardian, UK

Kafue national park rivers, Zambia

Photograph: Michele Westmorland/Getty Images

The isolation and abundant wildlife of Kafue national park in Zambia has us returning over and over again. Game drives and walking safaris are also available but the river is impossibly peaceful and offers excellent wildlife-spotting opportunities. It has fewer operators than other parks so you’re likely to have the river to yourself. There are excellent photography opportunities or you can just enjoy watching the birds, hippos and crocodiles. We stay at Musekese Camp, which overlooks a lagoon that attracts all sorts of wildlife.


Gavin Opie Safaris – Nkonzi Camp, Luangwa

Gavin this morning had an amazing encounter driving down the very muddy Riverside Drive when he heard elephants which were clearly upset. They followed the sound and found that the same pack of dogs from yesterday were coming up the road. They were hunting and had a clear direction they wanted to take, but the elephants had other ideas


Kafunta Safaris

Check this video featured on Africa Geographic. Filmed by our guest Hans Korn


The Bushcamp Company

They look so happy all hanging out together!

photo by Bushcamp Company guest Gail Edwardson


Flatdogs Camp

How incredible is this sound?! Our guests had the pleasure of hearing ginger calling right beside their vehicle on last nights game drive


Robin Pope Safaris

One of our best wild dog sightings of the week was when our guests watched a pack of 20 cautiously sneaking through a herd of elephants whilst in the stealthy pursuit of some impalas.

Pandemonium broke out amongst the elephants and the wild dogs had their cover blown, the impalas took off and the dogs snuck off into the bushes with their tails between their legs.

Never a dull moment on safari.


Getaway Magazine

North and South Luangwa featured in the Getaway Magazine in April:

13 bucket list wildlife adventures worth saving up for.  See the wilderness up close.

North and South Luangwa National Parks, Zambia, by Remote Africa Safaris

Image credit: Scott Ramsay


Munyamadzi Game Reserve

Starting to get our private airstrip ready for the 2018 season.

Prefer to travel in style? We are a 1-hour flight from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka by charter plane.


Kanyemba Lodge & Kanyemba Island Bush Camp

Sometimes the big zoom is not necessary….


Royal Zambezi Lodge

Martial Eagle preys on an Egyptian Goose

– Royal guests witnessed this magnificently large raptor in action – from the ambush to the devouring of its victim –

Did You Know – Martial Eagles can spot potential prey up to five kilometres away!


Kasanka Trust Zambia

Kasanka is looking so beautiful at the moment, and so welcoming for our Challenge athletes!

Kasanka Challenge 2018

Sat 7 AM · Kasanka   May 26



Bangweulu Wetlands

One of our first shoebill sightings of the season early March. Our friend came all the way from Belgium and traveled for 2 days on muddy roads and half a day in a boat to see the rare prehistoric-looking animal, and he was not disappointed! Tracking the elusive fellow among the papyrus was part of the fun and adventure! Come visit us and enjoy it yourself!

Photos: J-Y De Vleeschouwer


Ndole Bay Lodge

Lake Tanganyika is at its highest level in well over 12 years!


Quentin Allen‎ to Zambian Waterfalls

Kapanda Lupili falls in Lavushi Manda N P looking down on to the lake before the little fall in low water Sept with spring foliage is fantastic place and great scenic camp site.

G: I know this is a September photo, but I had to include it …


King Lewanika Lodge

Time + Tide’s King Lewanika Lodge was chosen as one of Travel & Leisure’s It List during February this year.  The It List is their annual collection of the best new and reborn properties worldwide.

Time + Tide has recently collaborated with Annabel Hughes Aston, a Livingstone-based chef who specialises in using locally sourced produce and traditional ingredients. Working hands-on with the Time + Tide culinary team to redesign our menus, Annabel helped create delicious, innovative new dishes that celebrate the wild bounty of Zambia.


Kuomboka Ceremony

The Kuomboka Ceremony of the Lozi people was held on April 28.  The king of the Lozi people moves from Lealui, his summer palace, to Limulunga, his winter palace when the water in the Barotse floodplain rises towards the end of the rainy season.

It is one of Zambia’s most famous traditional ceremonies.

Here are a few photographs from The Lusaka Times.

His Royal Majesty Litunga Lubosi Imwiko 11 (R) sharing a light moment with Paramount Chief Gawa Undi of the Chewa Speaking people for Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique (L) at the Namoo during Kuomboka Ceremony

The Prestigious 2018 Kuomboka Ceremony of the Lozi Speaking people which means moving from the lower land (Lealui Palace) to the upper land in Limulunga District, Western Province


Zambelozi Lodge

Zambelozi Lodge has re-opened.  It is a bit north of Sesheke on an island in the Zambezi.  It is a luxury lodge, specialising in fishing safaris.