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This website shows as much as we can about travelling around Zambia. We have shown maps and information about many of our parks and holiday destinations.  Also there is information on our business centres for those who come for business and may want a bit of relaxation while in Zambia.

Each month we publish interesting travel news from tour operators on social media.


Zambia has major towns and cities

Zambia has good roads and football stadiums

But, get off the beaten track and things change …

And, at the end of the road …

With lots to see …


About Us

Bernie, Gill and the rest of the family

This is a photograph of us at Muftau and Lois’s wedding in May 2017.  Bernie is first on the left.  Gill is the old one next to Bernie.  Lois is the bride with husband, Muftau in the middle.  Finally, on the right is Peter.

We are at the Elephant Cafe in Livingstone.  You can just make out a few eles in the background by the Zambezi River.


Gill Staden

Gill used to be a teacher and the teaching bug stuck.  Instead of teaching maths to school children, she continued to teach but this time on the wonders of African travel and history.

In 2010 she republished An Historical Guide to Livingstone and Victoria Falls Town for the Livingstone Tourism Association.
In 2011 Struik published her book, Beyond the Victoria Falls.
In 2015 she published A Window on Zambia and A Window on Zimbabwe for the first time.
A Window on Zambia was reprinted in 2016.


Bernadette Nel

Bernie was born in Kalalushi, Zambia.  School was in Zambia and Zimbabwe.  After leaving school, Bernie’s best job was to work for a 4×4 hire company.  The vehicles were hired to travel throughout Zambia and they were Land Rovers!  Bernie loves Land Rovers …

Some years ago, she decided to go on a round the world trip.  She visited many countries and then ended up in Australia where she found work and stayed away for many years.

Bernie came to Zambia for a holiday in 2018 … and never left …


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    They have loads of information too on visiting Zambia.